Throwing Back Thursday with Mike Newton

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Well ladies and gentlemen it’s that time again, to throw Thursday back a couple years. To look into the past at prior builds and drool over the cars we once loved all over again. This week we had the privilege to throw Thursday back with the one and only Mike Newton. Some say he is the father of the internet, and that he doesn’t understand the concept of running wheels that aren’t part of the OZ family. All we know is that once upon a time he built a seriously immaculate Volkswagen Jetta, and is currently in the process of killing the old school Mercedes game. And as you’ve probably guessed, in this article we’re going to peer back in time at his stunning MKV Jetta as well as understand what got Mike into cars in the first place. So without further a due, lets hop in the DeLorean themed Scirocco and hit 88mph back a couple years.

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FittedUK Show & Shine


Sunday 20th July, 2014 became the day for the first ever FittedUK VAG show at Weatherby Race Course in Northern England. An event that a lot of hard work went into by Alex Nowakowski, Myles Collins and Wesley Keough and their crew; as you can see by the planning on Instragram, Facebook and any other media around the web. There was a Show & Shine event that took place which was host to 17 different categories sponsored by Swissvax UK. The judging was based on 5 different areas; wheels, paint, interior, engine bay and general overall look of the car.

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Random Find Volume I


So we are trying this new idea where we go through either the explore page on Instagram and hunting VWVortex, or anywhere else where quality cars are posted, and share them with you. We plan on doing this every week, and posting quality cars as usual for all you gear heads to drool over. So let me stop babbling on and introduce you guys to our first Random Find!

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Throwing Back Thursday’s


The throwing back of Thursday. Not really an odd concept if you think about it right? I mean you get to look back on past experiances, friends, loved ones, or memories. Lets be honest, we’re gear heads that have no concept for such things. When we decide we’ve had enough and it’s time to throw Thursday back to where it came from, we do so with a nice homage to past vehicles or current vehicles in previous stages. Luckily for you guys we have a two for one deal, so strap in and prepare to go back. Back to the Past. And just for you guys to understand how far back we’re going, peep the watermarks used on the photos.

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The Political Party


If you say you don’t love good ol’ fashion BBQ’s and quality cars to gaze your eyes upon, then you sir are a liar and should stop reading. But if you enjoy all these items with a side of a nice cold beer, then you should continue to read. As everyone should know, our man behind the scenes Alex (@guzzman), is currently battling a rare form of cancer known as Ewing’s Sarcoma. Along with a great amount of help from our friends over at Slam District a meet was planned in order, to not only help out with Alex’s medical bills, but also bring awareness and charity to Cancer foundations in general. Eventually though, the idea went from being an imagination to becoming a real event open for any and everyone to come out and show support.

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