Simply Clean VI_2

Simply Clean 6

There’s not a lot of shows that originate out of Florida, but the ones that do. Well, those are the ones that always draw a giant crowd no matter what it is you drive. You see Florida is a pit stop for shows like Nuro Tag, WekFest, or even Formula D for that matter. But one of the few shows that originates out of the state that attracts people from Miami to Pensacola, hell even people from up north, is Simply Clean. There is no other show that comes out of this state that draws a bigger crowd, bar none. But the most amazing thing about the Simply Clean events is the immense progress that it has built from over the years. Simply Clean one started out at a small parking lot by UCF at a local Boba hangout spot. Since then, its grown to a show that floods an area a mile long. Yes that’s right, no I’m not exaggerating, literally a mile long. It’s like a fairy tale in ways. As far as the eye can see there are cars and people. I mean did anyone go to SC4 two years ago? It was so big that the exit for Destination Daytona was shut down on i95. Process that, that’s how many cars were building up on the HIGHWAY just to attend an event run by one man with the help of a lot of locals. I’m sure by now you’ve probably guessed, this is our event coverage of Simply Clean 6 at Destination Daytona in Daytona Beach, FL. Me personally, I suggest you bust out bottle of lotion and a box of Kleenex.

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Me in my Garage

Me In My Garage Joe’s MK4 Jetta

Come autumn in New Jersey opens up so many great opportunities for people in the car scene. Boost weather is always present and shooting cars is always beautiful. I had the pleasure of shooting one of my favorite static MK4 Jetta’s around, Joe Macchiaverna’s (@moejacc). Joe and I had always been solid friends throughout high school and college, so it was nice getting back to reality after school and having such a beautiful car to write about for the first episode of Me In My Garage.

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The Bean

We’ve all had ambitions of being someone when we grow up. Whether it’s someone famous like a celebrity, athlete, or your local hero’s. This guy is no exception to any of those listed. Always willing to lend a hand when he can, and always willing to kick it with good people. I am thankful to call Hector Ramirez one of those people. Among the MKIII community, I would consider Hector to be one of the people I aspire to be with his humble attitude and exquisitely built vehicles. We’re gonna introduce you to someone who is not as commonly known among the MKIII community, unless you’ve seen his previous builds that have been posted up and down the MKIII picture thread on VWVortex.

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Dubs in the Trees

Dub In The Trees 8

I would like to start by saying that 2014 has been an interesting season and an awesome one as well. For me personally this has been my first year taking automotive photography seriously, and I only intend to progress myself further along with my shooting and hopefully cinematography with the pick up of a camcorder/ go-pro.

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First Class Fitment

Canibeat “First Class Fitment” 5

As I sat on the couch the thought of spending more money on gas and taking the chance of my car not making the journey to First Class Fitment, the day started rough say to say the least. I jumped on Instagram, and already First Class Fitment pictures were already popping up on my feed. I sat there not wanting go, then out of no where I get a fire under my ass to grab my camera bag, to quit being a baby and get on the road. I got all my things together and set off, still not entirely convinced, but I already had a ticket, why not right?

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